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Support for Adults with Disabilities
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What Makes Us So Amazing? Our Amigos!!!

By networking together, participants, guardians, parents, and caregivers can find a refreshing supply of friendly people, diverse support, job resources, as well as many activities to share in. We are a non-profit organization for adults with special needs in Idaho and we invite participants, community support workers, and families to work together to make Amazing Amigos even more amazing. We are always welcoming new participants and hope we can become the best of friends.

We desire, promote, and encourage independence and a full social life for “adults” with disabilities and special needs in Idaho. We work to create events and resources for the making of friends with people who are your peers that “really get you” with more than expected understanding.

Participants, parents, and caregivers deserve the highest possible level of social opportunities.

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Offering adults with disabilities a social setting in which to interact in an accepting, supportive environment with meaningful experiences and opportunities for growth.


Offering adults with disabilities social activities in a comfortable, safe, and all inclusive environment. Provide appropriate activities and events with clear goals and expectations that build confidence with an emphasis on fun and building social skills.


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